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Praia da Vitória, Terceira

Porto Martins swimming pool

  • Coordinates: 38.680281, -27.055532

Just 15 minutes drive south unveils the sleepy Porto Martins once covered in vineyards. There are still small traces of this past, but it is now renovated by holiday homes. Near the harbour is a natural swimming pool and restaurant (Buzius).

São Sebastião Church

  • Coordinates: 38.665630, -27.090574

Continuing southwest, 10 minutes, we reach the peaceful village São Sebastião, from which emerges the gothic São SebastiãoChurch (15th century). Erected by the first settlers. The interior has many exciting features, including an unusual ceiling.

Império do Espírito Santo de São Sebastião
Empire of the Holy Spirit of São Sebastião

Facing the church is the colourful São Sebastião Holy Spirit Empire. 500 metres away, on Rua Arrebalde, is the rustic restaurant Os Moinhos.

  • Coordinates: 38.664695, -27.086563

Set in a watermill, with excellent service and a typical regional menu. You will have the opportunity to try the famous soup of the Holy Spirit, central in the Festas do Divino do Espírito Santo. It is an excellent place to try the traditional Alcatra: a combination of meats of various qualities in a traditional clay bowl.

It is washed down with wine, traditionally the wine of biscuits, but now the wine of smell. Alcatra is a derivation of a dish from the centre and interior of Portugal, which was made with the worst quality meat and the wine enriched the dish.

Salga Bay

  • Coordinates: 38.648457, -27.097927

Five minutes south of the centre is Salga Bay, a bathing area with all the support services and, nearby, a campsite. A monument reminds us of the Salga Battle: In 1581, 1 Spanish fleet of 10 ships anchored in the Bay – after having bombarded Angra.

The alarm was raised. However, about 1000 soldiers had already disembarked, and a fierce fight ensued. With no victorious side, Friar Pedro launches the idea of driving bulls and cattle over the Spaniards – cattle was something there was little off on the island…

When the enormous mass of animals rushes at the Spaniards with a colossal bang, they naturally retreat in significant disorder. Fifty escaped and swam to the boats, but most were killed.

 Terceira Island and the central group resisted while the country was annexed by Philip II of Spain.

The Count of Vila, Ciprião de Figueiredo, sent the following message to Philip II, once the most powerful man in Europe: “…rather die free, than in peace subjected. Nor will I give the inhabitants of this island any other advice because to die well is to live forever…”

Cruz do Canário Viewpoint

  • Coordinates: 38.644274, -27.131706

From Salga Bay, it is 5 km until you find the Cruz do Canário Viewpoint –  passing through the village of the Jewish harbour. Let yourself be carried away by the unique ocean-atmosphere sprinkled by Cabras islets. Specifically, in Porto Judeu, there are 2 good restaurants.

One of them, with a stunning view of the Cabras Islets, is the Snack-Bar Restaurant Rocha, with a delicious octopus tile accompanied by sweet potatoes. Finish off with Tarte Dona Amélia.

  • Coordinates: 38.647034, -27.122251

The other is the busy but friendly Boca Negra, near St Anthony’s Church in Largo de Santo António. Specialities are fish rump, fish stock or the octopus (delicious) – they also have beef rump and various grills.

  • Coordinates: 38.647681, -27.120370

If you continue west, in 10 km (a quarter of an hour) lies the historical centre of Angra do Heroísmo.

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