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Our website address is: https://discoverportugal2day.com. We have a simple cookies and privacy policy:

  • Even if we somehow collect personal information (like email address if you write to us), we do not share that information with anyone else. Nor did we use methods of “spamming” through newsletters or email sales campaigns.


  • We are not responsible for “cookies” from partners, traffic analysis services that place “cookies” in your browser directory to, for example, find out if you have previously visited our site, seen an advertisement, etc.


  • While we do not track IP addresses, internet protocol numbers assigned to your network or computer by internet service providers – third party services, notably Google, do so for traffic analysis measurement purposes.


  • When you visit a site (ours or any other) logs from the site’s server indicate where you came from. However, you don’t indicate who you are (even if you log your IP address for analysis purposes) – we have no way of knowing your identity.


  • You can disable cookies in your browser. (See your browser’s help section to find out how.) Please note that disabling or deleting “cookies” may have unexpected consequences, such as forcing you to log in when you visit forums, social networking sites, online newspaper editions, and other locations.


  • By viewing this site, you agree to the use of “cookies”, and other traffic monitoring tools provided by third parties, namely Google and other partners.

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This website uses the services of Ezoic Inc. (“Ezoic”). Ezoic’s privacy policy is here. Ezoic may employ a variety of technologies on this website, including to display advertisements and enable advertising to visitors of this website. For additional information about Ezoic’s advertising partners, please see Ezoic’s Advertising Partner Page here.