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Casa de Abrigo do Poiso

In a captivating nook where time seems to halt and challenges the march of the hours, one discovers the Casa de Abrigo do Poiso. Embark on a journey across the island with the ‘Madeira Guide‘. Delve into the wonders of Funchal in ‘Exploring Madeira Funchal‘.

Set against the backdrop of the island’s towering mountains and nestled within the laurel woods, this residence treats its guests to the finest of Madeiran gastronomy.

  • Coordenadas: 32.712348, -16.887992

How to Reach Funchal?

To make your way to the Poiso Shelter House from Funchal, travel northwards along Road 103.

This approximately 13-kilometre journey takes roughly half an hour, directing you to the left towards a modest car park awaiting your presence.

By coach, one can reach the Casa de Abrigo do Poiso using the numbers 129 and 56 services, which meander their way to this haven.

The Poiso stop, being the nearest halt, is merely a hop, skip, and a jump away.


Contact Details and Address

Address: Estrada Regional 103, Poiso, Camacha 9135-140 Santa Cruz Via Pico do Arieiro

Phone: +351 291 102 171


Upon crossing the threshold of the Casas de Abrigo do Poiso, one is intoxicated by the aroma of fresh herbs and grilling meats in an olfactory symphony that utterly captivates.

The space, both welcoming and rustic, boasts wooden and wicker furniture, resonating harmoniously with its natural surroundings.

It feels as if we’ve stepped into a mountain cabin, albeit imbued with a distinct Madeiran touch.

The flames in the fireplace dance and crackle, a luminous ballet – the perfect setting for a warm, enveloping drink.


The unpretentious nature of the dishes, juxtaposed against the magnificent landscape enveloping this nook, is a tribute to genuine simplicity.

The ‘Picado Regional’, a gem of the island, showcases succulent cubes of beef, seasoned with garlic, butter, and bay leaves, culminating in a dish that tantalises the palate.

Paired with crispy chips, it becomes an unforgettable culinary experience.

Allow yourself to be bewitched by the regional skewers and fried maize! The enticing aroma of skewers grilling is enough to make one’s mouth water.

It’s a testament to how simplicity and flavour can coexist in harmonious unity. We savour in silence, with eyes closed, wholly surrendering to the pleasure of the experience.

But be warned, after this tasting, few other skewers will seem as irresistible…

The ‘bolo do caco’ at the Poiso Shelter House commands deep respect. For the uninitiated, this is a flat, soft bread hailing from Madeira, and at the Shelter House, it’s treated with due reverence.

This delicate bread, with a hint of sweetness, melts in the mouth, leaving behind a trail of sheer delight.

And the ‘poncha’, as refreshing as the sea breeze from Câmara de Lobos, is a delight.

The zesty scent of freshly squeezed lemon intermingles with the taste of rum, while honey adds a touch of understated sweetness – a liquid symphony capable of rousing even the most dormant of senses.


The matter of cost, often enigmatic, can sometimes lead us to part with small fortunes for meals that scarcely satisfy.

On other occasions, we’re graced with invaluable flavours for modest sums. The Poiso epitomises the notion that culinary excellence needn’t come at a steep price.

The average cost per person? €25.


It was a delightful experience, a true dance of the senses. The staff, attentive and exceedingly friendly, wove the ambiance with smiles and dedicated gestures.

However, during busier moments, a shortage of hands leads to less nimble service. Much like an out-of-tune instrument, it affects the entire orchestra.


If you yearn for a cosy nook in the mountainous hinterland, where rustic charm and the warmth of a fireplace embrace, the Casa de Abrigo do Poiso is your destination.

While exploring the trails and treks of Madeira, ensure you immerse yourself in this mountainous haven.

Nearby Attractions:

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From the Portela Viewpoint, situated between Porto da Cruz and Machico, one’s gaze reaches out in a shared embrace with the majestic Penha d’Águia, rising and dividing Machico from Santana.

From the Guindaste Viewpoint, at the mouth of the Ribeira do Faial, one can relish a breathtaking spectacle of Madeira’s northern coast.

The view unveils Faial, extending to Ponta de São Lourenço, and on clear days, the island of Porto Santo comes into sight.

Machico Beach, this artificially golden-sanded haven nestled in Machico Bay, also known as Praia da Banda d’Além, enchants with its serenity.

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The Levada dos Balcões is an easy 3 km trail (return journey), expected to take around 1 hour and 30 minutes, leading to the Balcões Viewpoint.

From there, the eyes feast on the island’s central mountain range, encompassing both the Pico do Areeiro and Pico Ruivo.

The Levada do Caldeirão Verde is a trail of moderate difficulty but lengthy, taking approximately 6 hours and 30 minutes.

It begins at the Queimadas Shelter House, traversing the Laurissilva forest and following the historic 18th-century aqueduct to the Caldeirão Verde lake.

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casa-de-abrigo-do-poisoDrawing back the curtains of Madeiran culture, Casa de Abrigo de Poiso emerges as a luminary, holding aloft the island's treasured gastronomic secrets. With undisputed headliners like the 'bolo do caco' and the regional skewer taking centre stage, diners are treated to a culinary narrative that feels both intimate and historic.