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Praia da Vitória, Terceira


Lajes Air Terminal

Lajes Terminal is 2 kilometres from Praia built by British troops (1943). It was later renovated by the American military and is now used by civilians. It has the longest runway in the Azores – with all the typical airport services. 

  • Coordinates: 38.753874, -27.087008


Francisco Ornelas da Câmara Square

The seaside town is open and colourful. In the centre of the municipality (http://www.cmpv.pt/) stands the central Praça Francisco Ornelas da Câmara and the Statue of Liberty.

Praça Francisco Ornelas da Câmara
Praça Francisco Ornelas da Câmara
  • Coordinates: 38.731274, -27.060753

Erected on the 1st centenary of the battle (1829) won by the liberals on the coast of Praia da Vitória. There is a fascinating City Hall, sculptures and various works of art. The richness of the past is reflected in the old townhouses.

  • Coordinates: 38.730588, -27.063564

In the parallel Rua de Jesus, we have the municipal market, built in the last quarter of the 19th century, next to the small and beautiful public garden.

Santa Cruz Church

  • Coordinates: 38.731595, -27.061275

The Santa Cruz Church stands near the Town Hall on Rua de São Paulo. It has a beautiful Gothic portal from the 15th century, unique in the Azores, and a side door in Manueline style. Inside, the gilded carved main altar stands out.

The Flemish Jácome de Bruge, the first captain of the donatory, had it built. However, de Bruge mysteriously disappeared. 

The next village captain, Álvaro Martins Homem, accompanied Corte-Real to Newfoundland (Canada) and rounded the Cape of Good Hope with Bartolomeu Dias.

Vitorino Nemésio House-Museum

Vitorino Nemésio House-Museum
  • Coordinates: 38.732036, -27.061103

Further, you discover the old house (17th century) where Vitorino Nemésio (1901-1978) was born. Inside, we find a multimedia presentation and the personal objects of the writer.

Nemésio held several academic positions, was a novelist and was a famous television personality.

Of his vast oeuvre, “Mau Tempo no Canal” stands out. 250 metres away, going down to Rua da Misericórdia, is the large Aunts house do Vitorino Nemésio, which now houses the public library. The aunts were a vital financial help when he went to Coimbra University.

Casa das Tias - Biblioteca Pública Silvestre Ribeiro
Casa das Tias – Biblioteca Pública Silvestre Ribeiro
  • Coordinates: 38.732287, -27.060191

Facing it, we find the charming Senhor Santo Cristo das Misericórdias Church (16th century) rebuilt in 1924 due to a fire. Inside lies an image of great devotion. According to tradition, it appeared in a box floating on the shore.


Empire of Charity

Going up towards Rua da Palmela, you will find the splendid Império da Caridade of the Cult of the Divine Holy Spirit in the Azores – from where bread and wine are distributed during the festivities.

Império da Caridade
  • Coordinates: 38.734401, -27.063192

In the past, the centre was the headquarters of Christ Order (Tomar), responsible for the Portuguese discovered lands (including the Azores). Later, the feast was considered heresy by the Inquisition.

Here, the feast continued and spread to other communities with origins in the archipelago, namely the American continent.