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Santa Cruz

Ponta do Garajau

10 km from Funchal, on top of a rocky promontory, Garajau is little more than a strip of cafés, shops and where the terns nest on the cliffs (fewer and fewer).

  • Coordinates: 32.638398, -16.850802

In the village, turn right at the roundabout to reach the Cristo Rei do Garajau Viewpoint – a miniature statue in the river. It was erected in 1927 (older than the statue of Cristo Rei in Almada). On the way, you will see picnic tables accompanied by cacti.

  • Coordinates: 32.638390, -16.852792

Ponta do Garajau culminates at the pleasant Garajau Beach: reachable by car or cable car (costs €3 round trip). It is guarded by a bar and diving centre.

Caniço (Santa Cruz)

  • Coordinates: 32.641702, -16.834555

It is a kind of German enclave with a significant presence of expatriates. Caniço de Baixo is 5 km from Ponta do Garajau.

It has several modern villas and hotels on the coast. The best place for swimming is Lido Galomar (Rua Baden Powell), a few steps away from the tourist office – with a beautiful saltwater pool and stairs leading down to the serene sea. Don’t forget the sun cream.

Lido Galomar
Lido Galomar
  • Coordinates: 32.641124, -16.832686

To the east, an attractive seaside promenade stretches for 1km through modern hotels. You’ll soon reach Reis Magos Beach

– a rocky beach with warm water near the old quay. The beach has a more local feel than the rest of Caniço and gets crowded in summer.

  • Coordenadas: 32.647614,-16.824123

In the beginning, the development of Caniço came from its unique geographical position – it was situated between 2 captaincies of the island. The centre is pleasant from where you will find the baroque Church (18th century) in Largo Padre Lomelino.

  • Coordinates: 32.651908, -16.840097

200 metres away is the sumptuous garden of the Quinta Splendida Wellness & Botanical Garden. This 4-star hotel is housed in an old 19th-century mansion, with a spa and swimming pool. The rooms are spacious and clean, and the hotel provides an excellent breakfast. Its garden has over 1,000 species from all over the world.

  • Coordinates: 32.650341, -16.839195