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Village Cabo Girão Hotel, Madeira

Looking for a holiday haunt without a bruising blow to your wallet? The Village Cabo Girão might just be your narrative’s twist.

During our first visit, the wide-spanning ocean views captivated our eyes, offering a visual feast we hadn’t anticipated.

The on-site culinary scene delighted our taste buds, each meal a memorable event, and the pool, reminiscent of a Grecian fresco, became our haven of relaxation and joy.

Nestled on a slope, gently caressing the Atlantic, this 4-star haven rises majestically. We found it to be a delicate blend of villas and apartments, each time we strolled through, artfully enmeshed with tropical vegetation.

The lush greens and vibrant flowers around us were a treat for the senses.

The most delightful revelation, which we’ve come to appreciate on our multiple stays, is the affordability.

The rates don’t ask for the moon, a rare find in such a luxurious setting. Venture forth in this tapestry, as we have done several times, for more insights into this picturesque retreat.

Pros & Cons

Village Cabo Girãohttps://discoverportugal2day.com/wp-content/uploads/villagecabogirao81.webpVillage Cabo Girão Hotel, 4 stars hotelInStock88USD14.5Village Cabo Girão4.55,Spacious flat,1,,Magnificent pool with a view,2,,Excellent restaurant,3,,Next to Cabo Girão,4,,Great facilities,5,,Excellent value for money,6,,Requires a car for transportation,1,


  • Spacious flat
  • Magnificent pool with a view
  • Excellent restaurant
  • Next to Cabo Girão
  • Great facilities
  • Excellent value for money


  • Requires a car for transportation

Location and Contact Information

Strategically positioned, a mere 20-minute drive from Funchal and half an hour’s ride from the airport, the hotel stands, as we discovered during our first visit. Its accessibility made our explorations around Madeira effortless and enjoyable.

It’s not just about resting your head; it’s an entrepôt to immerse in Madeira’s rhythm. We found that as the day wanes, engaging in billiards and mini-golf narrated our tales of relaxation and fun.

Village Cabo Girão, Ilha da Madeira
Village Cabo Girão, Ilha da Madeira

Address: Estrada 1 de julho, 2, 9300-081 Câmara de Lobos
Phone: 291 911 700
Email: info@cabogirao.com


Our temporary abode, a two-bedroom apartment, unfurled expansively. Meticulously equipped, it also boasted a terrace – the vistas from which captivated us profoundly, inspiring moments of reflection and awe.

Mornings heralded a symphony of flavours. A spread of fresh pastries, genuine fruit juices, eggs, and bacon awaited us, each signaling the adventures that lay ahead. We found that English wasn’t just spoken; it was an integral part of the experience, enhancing our interactions.

And through it all, the majestic Cabo Girão framed our world, a constant reminder of the island’s natural beauty.

parapente sobre câmara de lobos

Post-breakfast, we often watched as children found tales in mini-golf, playrooms, and a pool – so pristine and inviting, resistance was a fabled concept.

Yet, in this animated world, peace was a steadfast companion. The view, by day or night, was a salve for the soul.

Accommodation Type

Each space at Village Cabo Girão sings a ballad of comfort, encapsulating essentials like free Wi-Fi, flat-screen televisions, and blackout curtains for those poetic mornings in bed:

  • One-Bedroom Apartment (70 m²): It’s a sanctuary where silence is the loudest note, offering a double bed and a kitchenette where culinary tales await.
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment (100 m²): Here, space and freedom are more than just words. It houses a double-bed room and another with twin beds.
  • Three-Bedroom Villa (120 m²): Harmonizing the luxury of a double bed with the simplicity of individual beds.
  • Four-Bedroom Villa (150 m²): Featuring two double-bed rooms and two with twin beds. Its private pool, where the sky’s reflection romances the water’s, and the eternal sea view are more than views; they’re experiences. A living room and kitchenette add layers to the tale.

Whichever chamber narrative you choose to live, the hotel’s suite of amenities elevates your chronicle.

The beginning price is a mere 88 euros a night for an apartment.

It’s a value proposition akin to acquiring a luxury saloon for the cost of a vintage roadster.

interior donde ficamos

Hotel Facilities

Often, we’ve heard the game room resonate with exuberant cheers, billiard tables and foosball eagerly awaiting their next enthusiastic players. We recall joining in a few lively games ourselves, the friendly competition adding to our holiday experience.

The tennis court, meticulously maintained, beckoned us, amateurs though we are, and we found the mini-golf course a delightful challenge of wit and finesse. The vistas, as jaw-dropping as they are, found their match in the gleaming pools.

We particularly appreciated the complimentary private parking and Wi-Fi, which subtly enriched our stay, offering not just connectivity but the essence of modern convenience.

The spa, with its steamy sauna and masterful massages, became our sanctuary of solace, a haven we retreated to for relaxation and rejuvenation.


From the heart of Madeira, traditional scents waft through the Atlântico restaurant, a sensation we’ve come to savour. Each meal here promised a gastronomic journey that lingered in our memories long after.

Breakfasts unfolded in a buffet style, where each ingredient seemed to hold its narrative, its own past.

We often found ourselves lingering at the snack bar for those transient moments of rest, enjoying the fresh pastries and a steaming cup of coffee as a perfect interlude to our days.

Swimming Pools

piscina interior VCG

Here, the cerulean hues of the sea meld seamlessly with the azure of the pools – two in precise count, as we’ve joyfully discovered during our stays.

The first, an indoor haven, promises warmth throughout the seasons. We’ve often sought its heated embrace, independent of the whims of weather. Surrounding it, a sun deck becomes an ode to relaxation and quiet sunbathing, a peaceful retreat we’ve relished.

The second, an open-air spectacle, frames breathtaking panoramas and remains open throughout the year. We’ve found this outdoor pool to be a watery canvas fit for all ages, perfect for family fun or a serene swim.

Ensuring the cool, a poolside bar offers chilled libations, a feature we’ve appreciated for its convenience and refreshment.

And for safety’s poetic embrace, a fence encircles the oasis, a thoughtful touch that has added to our sense of security and ease.

After a day traversing Madeira’s rich tapestry, a dive in either pool has always felt like a homecoming, a perfect end to our adventurous days.

piscina exterior VCG


Post exploration, the steam bath stands ready to cleanse both mind and spirit, a ritual we’ve come to cherish. For those, like us, seeking a deeper resonance with relaxation, the spa and wellness center (at an additional charge) unfolds a repertoire of treatments and therapies that we’ve indulged in more than once.

It’s an opportunity, a canvas really, for us to relinquish ourselves to seasoned hands and let the day’s rigors dissipate. Each visit to the spa has been a journey into tranquility, leaving us rejuvenated and ready for new adventures.


A haven in Câmara de Lobos. Villas and flats framing the Atlantic, a view we’ve woken up to, mesmerized by its beauty.

Pools reflecting the heavens, where we’ve basked under the sun and stars. Exceptional value for money, a fact we’ve appreciated with each satisfying stay.

An invitation to travelers of all breeds. So, what tale are you waiting to write? Village Cabo Girão stands ready, pages open, as it did for us. Secure your chapter. Make the reservation, just as we did, and discover your own story.

Nearby Activities and Attractions

Cabo Girão Skywalk: At the precipice where heaven and ocean whisper secrets, Cabo Girão stands defiant, its 590-meter stature challenging the very essence of gravity. The skywalk, with its crystalline floor, promises not just a view, but the sensation of hovering between realms.

Câmara de Lobos Bay: Etched from tales of the 15th century, this town presents an idyllic bay, where traditional boats bob in harmony. Winston Churchill, with his discerning eye, found in its hues and contours, canvases waiting to be painted.

Yet, the fishermen, ever the pragmatists, gifted us the Poncha—a drink that is less a beverage and more a celebration of existence.

Venturing into the embrace of the mountains, one discovers culinary seductions. Restaurants like Santo António, As Vides, and Lagar emerge as sanctuaries where regional skewers become legend.

Funchal Cable Car: In Funchal’s beating heart, the cable car promises more than mere transport. As one ascends, the city unravels in miniature below, the horizon, once a distant dream, beckons closer, unveiling Monte, an enclave of serenity.

Monte Palace Madeira: Here, in Monte Palace, nature waltzes with art. Under the auspices of the Berardo Foundation, this realm emerges as a patchwork of green, mirrored lakes, and sculptures; each narrating tales from epochs and realms afar.

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  • Steps from breathtaking trails and pulsating Funchal, it emerges as the perfect anchor—be it for exploration or introspection.
  • Whether immersed in the pool or nestled in a spacious apartment, the offerings defy their price tag.
  • Experience Madeira’s finest, without the weight of gold. Secure your slot, as time waits for none.
village-cabo-girao-hotel-avaliacaoWhether you envision relaxation by the pool, cocktail in hand, unravelling Madeira's secrets, or indulging in gastronomic symphonies around, it's not just a destination, but an answer to your holiday aspirations.