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Monte Palace Madeira

The Monte Palace Madeira is an idyllic haven for nature enthusiasts, boasting an unparalleled array of flora, fauna and breathtaking views.

It is a tranquillity oasis where we escape the mundanity of daily life and become enraptured by the natural beauty surrounding us.

  • Coordinates: 32.674259, -16.901575

Located in the parish of Monte, at an altitude of 600 metres, it boasts a magnificent view over the bay and the city of Funchal.

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It is considered one of the 13 most beautiful botanical gardens in the world by Condé Nast Traveler magazine.

The 70,000 square metres of the Monte Palace Garden house a diverse collection of exotic plants from all corners of the globe, as well as swans, ducks and peacocks that roam freely.

Monte Palace Madeira Price

A ticket costs €12.5 per adult.

Is it Free for children?

Children under 15 years of age have complimentary entry to the Monte Palace Madeira. Similarly, schools have free access to the garden, subject to reservation for guided tours.

Opening Hours

  • The garden is open daily except Christmas Day.
  • Visiting hours to the Garden: from 9:30 to 18:00.
  • Museum Hours: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm


Address: Caminho do Monte 174, 9050-288 Funchal  Telefone: 291780800

email: info@montepalacemadeira.com

As we approach the entrance of the Monte Palace Madeira, we find a grand and picturesque olive tree and a café.

Two Foo Dogs, commonly seen as guardians at the Asian temple entrances, can be seen at the Oriental Garden entrance in the northern areas.

Upon close inspection, one will see a ball in their mouths; according to Chinese belief, it confers good luck to those who can spin it a full rotation.

We discover Buddhist sculptures, including a dragon surrounded by children symbolizing fertility, stone benches adorned with Eastern decorations, and countless stone lanterns.



Throughout the Monte Palace Madeira, you notice a significant presence of tiles.

This collection is one of the largest and most diverse in the country, featuring pieces dating from the late 15th century to the present day.

These tiles have come from various palaces, religious temples, and mansions across Portugal.

In addition to the tiles, we find a variety of traditional Portuguese doors and windows adorning the garden pathways.


The lakes are home to Koi fish of various sizes and colours. These hardy fish have a lifespan of up to 100 years, earning the respect of the Asian population.

From 1904 to 1943, the palace served as a hotel, and guests could take boat rides on the central lake. Today, an artificial waterfall feeds the lake.


The Monte Palace Museum in Madeira is a space boasting three galleries, displaying over a thousand sculptures.

In the African Passion collection, we find intriguing sculptures hailing from Zimbabwe.

The third-floor grants access to the “Secrets of Mother Nature” mineral collection, a gallery showcasing precious stones, with diamonds taking centre stage.

History, Monte Palace Madeira

In the seventeenth century, the English consul Charles Murray purchased this property south of the Church of Our Lady of Monte and transformed it into a beautiful estate (Quinta do Prazer).

In the late nineteenth century, the wealthiest families of Madeira had estates here in Monte.

Alfredo Guilherme Rodrigues purchased this estate in 1897 and built a residence with the characteristics of a palace, later converted into the Monte Palace Hotel.

Eventually, the property fell into the hands of a financial institution that sold it to José Manuel Rodrigues Berardo in 1987.

Thus the Monte Palace Madeira was born.

Travelling to Asia, Berardo became fascinated by the history, culture and Portuguese influence in Asia.

The oriental spaces in the garden are a tribute to Asian culture. Since its acquisition, Berardo has enriched the property with exotic plants with typical plants of Madeira, the Laurissilva Forest.

They added the Koi fish, tiles and sculpture pieces of various cultures and eras, making this garden unique in the world of the botanical garden.

Funchal Cable Car & Madeira Toboggan Ride

Teleférico Funchal – Monte

For those seeking to discover the Monte Palace, there is the option to ascend from the Funchal centre – Monte Cable Car.

It is a popular tourist attraction that allows us to experience Funchal from the air. A ticket costs €12.5 per adult.

Afterwards, we can descend on traditional wicker basket cars driven by the friendly Carriers do Monte. Even the most jaded among us would find it entertaining.

Carreiros do Monte - Descida Carro de Cestos

Thus, we make three Madeira attractions in one go: cable car, Monte Palace and the Funchal toboggan ride (a ticket for two adults costs €30).