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Fajã dos Padres

Fajã dos Padres is a one-of-a-kind seaside location in the south of Madeira, sheltered by a sheer cliff with an altitude of approximately 300 metres. For a Madeira guide, refer to “Best Things To Do In Madeira”. For information on Funchal, please consult “Funchal Things To Do.

The “fajã” is a flat area between the steep cliff and the sea, known for its exceptional fertility.

To reach what seems like a scene from a movie, we descend 260 metres by cable car. On the right side of Cabo Girão, this unique location is 15 km from Funchal, divided by two municipalities: Câmara de Lobos and Ribeira Brava.

How to Get There?

To get to the Fajã dos Padres cable car by car, take the Via Rápida 1 highway from Funchal and take the 3rd exit with signs for Cabo Girão and Quinta Grande.

Then, turn left and follow the road to the end of Padre António Dinis Henriques Road. There is a parking area close to the cable car.

By boat:

It is also possible to reach Fajã dos Padres by boat.

The Malvasia, with a capacity for 10 passengers, departs daily from Funchal and Câmara de Lobos.

Price: €10 from Câmara de Lobos and €15 from Funchal.

For further information or reservations, please contact: +351 291 944538 (email info@fajadospadres.com)

Fajã dos Padres Cable Car: Price & Hours.

  • The cable car costs €12 for a round trip.
  • Children under the age of 12 ride for free.

Opening Hours:

  • The cable car is open daily from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • In winter, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

We descend vertiginous in just three minutes.

The Experience

At first glance, the descent is so steep that it can be intimidating! Instinctively, we inspect the cable car…
Fortunately, it is a true engineering gem which exudes confidence for the exhilarating descent.

In reality, we never feel in danger. We immensely enjoyed the ride! The small bay unfolds, and the majestic sea dominates the rest of the scenery.
As soon as we reach the bottom, the warm climate embraces us. Sheltered from the icy winds, Fajã dos Padres receives more direct sunlight.
The gentle breeze brings promises of exotic fruits.

Organic Farming

We observe exotic fruits such as bananas, papayas, mangoes, Surinam cherries, and Brazilian guavas. They also cultivate vegetables: spinach, pumpkin, and lettuce, used in the local restaurant’s dishes.

The vineyard completes the rest of the landscape.

The Jesuits introduced the Malvasia grape variety and began producing the famous Madeira wine.

A Bit of History along the Beach Walk:

Fajã dos Padres (Priests) is named after the Jesuits, who owned the property for 150 years.

Before that, it was part of Quinta Grande, owned by the courageous knight João Gonçalves Zarco (discoverer of Madeira).

Zarco’s grandson sold Quinta Grande, including Fajã dos Padres, to the Society of Jesus.

Centuries later, the Jesuits were expelled, and their properties were auctioned off and sold until the current family gained them in 1921.

They built a panoramic elevator and now the modern cable car. There is a restaurant and a winery. They have restored some houses for tourism.

Fajã dos Padres Beach

And there it is, the tranquil sea with its crystal clear waters!

Bring your snorkelling gear, as the transparency of the waters and the richness of marine species invite immersion.
They do not monitor the beach.

There is a large solarium on the piers, where it is difficult to find a place to rest in the summer. Around us, we see many travellers, most of the German-speaking origins.

However, it is a place of immense calm and tranquillity. Sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented.

Most people alternate sunbathing with walks around the area.
Near the restaurant, there are showers to cool off.


After indulging the soul and spirit, the stomach grumbles!

The Fajã restaurant is a delight, especially with its fish dishes.

Try the succulent Fish Fragateira (€18), made with onions, potatoes, tomatoes, sea bass and perch, topped with swordfish and tuna.

There is also the famous Tuna steak (€17).

In addition, there are chicken salads, vegetable risotto, and steak sandwiches, among other options.

Restaurant Opening Hours:

The restaurant is open from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

It is closed on Tuesdays.

The winery is beneath the old chapel. Since forever, the lower part has served as a winery. The Jesuits came down from the chapel to enjoy a glass of wine here…

We can taste excellent Madeira wine here or in the restaurant. Book in advance to visit the winery (minimum of 5 people).


Where to Stay?

Fajã dos Padres

There are 9 houses (8 villas and 1 bungalow with a kitchenette) that take us back to the past with their original design.

They have private terraces with views of the Atlantic. Not luxurious, but comfortable.

For those who feel that one day is insufficient, it is possible to rent a house and stay for longer.

We stayed here for 2 nights and enjoyed the silence to recharge our energies. There are no noises from cars or engines, only the sounds of seabirds (mostly Cory’s shearwaters).

Things do to nearby:

Cabo Girão Skywalk

A couple of kilometres away, the Girão viewpoint is one of the highest in the world, at 580 meters high. It has a vertiginous suspended glass platform. About 1800 people visit Cabo Girão daily. In the distance, we can see Câmara de Lobos and Funchal.

Levada do Norte

We start our journey below the iconic Cabo Girão, venturing into the lush valley of Quinta Grande and Campanário (Ribeira Brava).

It’s a four-hour adventure, round trip, covering 7 km of stunning landscapes.

Câmara de Lobos Bay

This destination inspired Winston Churchill’s artworks and is highly sought after for day trips, offering traditional shopping and gastronomy. It is the ideal place to try Poncha, one of the most authentic drinks in Madeira.

Contacts & Location

Address: Estrada Padre António Dinis Henrique 1, 9300-261 Quinta Grande

Phone: 291 944538

Website: https://fajadospadres.com/

Email: info@fajadospadres.com

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