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Blandy’s Wine Lodge

Visiting Blandy’s Wine Lodge and sampling Madeira wine is a experience that should be savoured by all wine aficionados.

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  • Coordinates: 32.647802, -16.910596

The Blandy family is the only one of the original founders that still remains in the Madeira wine industry and operates their own winery.

They are recognized as pioneers in the wine industry and one of the main ones responsible for making Madeira wine famous in England – the English royal family always appreciated this wine, as did Winston Churchill.

The Blandy’s Wine Lodge offers visitors an overview of the production processes and the winery, with a final tasting of two Madeira wines. It is a special place offering us an unforgettable experience.


Address: Avenida Arriaga 28, 9000-064 Funchal

Phone: (+351) 291 228 978

The Blandy’s Wine Lodge is in the Funchal’s city heart, nestled within one of the oldest streets in the city. It is an absolute must-visit, steeped in the deep-rooted Madeira island history.

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm.
  • Closed on Thursday and Sunday.


The tours cost €11 per person, with a minimum of 2 visitors, and entry is free for children under 12.
It is a must-see destination for those looking to delve into Madeira’s rich history and culture.

Madeira Wine

The Madeira wine has been produced since the Renaissance, exclusively on the island that gives it its name, using four types of vinification grapes: Verdelho, Sercial, Malvasia and Boal.

Even Shakespeare references it in one of his plays.

The subtropical climate and iron-rich soil are ideal for grape cultivation. It is a sweet wine with 4 varieties: dry, semi-dry (used as an appetizer), medium sweet and sweet, which perfectly combines with nuts, sweets and chocolates.

The wine was exposed to high temperatures when travelling around the globe, improving its taste.

Nowadays, producers artificially create these conditions by heating the wine to around 60°C.

One of the most well-known personalities associated with Madeira wine is the 1st President of the United States, George Washington.

He received a bottle as a birthday gift in 1790 from his friends Charles Biddle and General Thomas Mifflin.

After that, George Washington regularly ordered bottles of wine for his property in Virginia.

The wine is also related to the Declaration of Independence of the United States in 1776. The signing of this document was celebrated with good Madeira wine. Benjamin Franklin was also a great wine lover.

He found this delicious wine in the Paris cellars and considered it the best remedy for a cold.

These historical accounts and many others show the wine’s cultural and historical importance.