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Monte Sledge Ride – Madeira toboggan

Descending Monte in a Wicker Toboggan Sled is a must-do experience.

Picture this: you, perched in a wicker basket, hurtling down the mountain at breakneck speeds, guided by two locals decked out in traditional garb.

First, we’ll take the Funchal cable car to the summit. Then the real adventure begins.

Hold on tight, and let’s go!

  • Coordinates: 32.675367, -16.902711

Are you looking for the ultimate adventure in Madeira’s capital?

Riding the Cable Car and Carro de Cesto in Funchal is the ultimate thrill. The views are unparalleled, and the descent will leave you breathless.

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Location and Contacts

Address: Caminho do Monte, Entrada 151, Porta 4, 9050-288 Funchal
Phone: 291783919

Our journey starts at the base of Nossa Senhora do Monte Church. 

The Monte Sledge Ride is a one-of-a-kind transportation system dating back to the 19th century. 

It is the perfect way to descend from Monte slopes to Funchal heart. 

And who better to guide us than the Carreiros do Monte? These respected figures in the city are known for keeping this centuries-old tradition alive. 

 Dressed in white and sporting straw hats, these two skilled drivers will expertly navigate the wooden and wicker basket car down the mountain.

Monte Sledge Ride Route

We begin at the base of Nossa Senhora do Monte, the trail winding down, dizzyingly steep. Two kilometres to Livramento close to Funchal heart.


It’s €30 (for two) for a 10-minute ride.

And we’re hurtling down the mountain at breakneck speeds, nearing 40 km per hour. The sturdy rubber-soled Carreiros dos Montes boots are our only breaks, should we need them.

The Experience

Carreiros do Monte - Descida Carro de Cestos

CNN deems it one of the world’s most incredible modes of transport. One glance at its motion and we’re hooked.

The Carreiros do Monte give it a soft push, and the sledge takes off, advancing at hair-raising speeds. 

Doubt creeps in, heart pounding, but Carreiros do Monte’s mastery is undeniable. 

They control the vehicle effortlessly, adjusting the speed at will. The ride concludes with a satisfying smile and a newfound desire for adventure. If you’re looking for excitement: Funchal Cable Car and Carreiros do Monte is the way to go.


The Traditional Wicker Basket Sledges made their debut in the mid-19th century. It quickly became a must-do for tourists in the city.

Before 1846, it went unmentioned by Madeira visitors. Ox carts were the go-to mode of transport.

The two-person drag vehicle turned out to be the perfect fit for Monte’s steep and narrow roads.

Funchal – Monte Cable Car

The journey begins in Funchal historic district at the Parque Almirante Reis station, with tickets at €22.50 for adults.

The average trip time is 15 minutes. The cable car travels 3,200 meters from Funchal centre to Monte, with a 560-meter ascent.

For more information on the cable car journey, visit the Funchal Cable Car website. To fully experience Madeira, check out The Madeira Islands.