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Pico dos Barcelos Viewpoint

The Pico dos Barcelos viewpoint, in Funchal city on Madeira island, is one of the most renowned spots in the region.
It is the premier vantage point to behold the city’s beauty and the celebrated Funchal bay. We glimpse Desert Islands in the distance.

  • Coordinates: 32.658727, -16.939599

It was built in 1950, 355 meters above sea level in Santo António parish. Adjacent to it, we find dining, services and local crafts being sold.

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Pico dos Barcelos Viewpoint Location

Morada: Urbanização Pico dos Barcelos 1, 9020-262 Funchal

From this point, one can behold nearly the entirety of the city, from the waterfront to the northern mountains and the port to the right. It boasts an unforgettable night view, the bay and city lights aglow at night.

In the vicinity of Pico dos Barcelos, we find one of the city’s commercial endeavours, the Madeira Shopping, with a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and cinemas. Nearby (to the south) is the crystal-clear waters of Praia Formosa.

So, come on and take in the unique view from the Pico dos Barcelos, the best Funchal view.

It is highly recommended to visit the city’s historic centre and ride on the Funchal Cable Car up to the vineyards of Monte.

It is home to tropical botanical gardens and the famous Church of Nossa Senhora do Monte.


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Curral das Freiras is a picturesque parish within the valley protected by the majestic peaks. It is known for its serene atmosphere. The best way to experience this incredible view is to take a guided tour from Funchal.

Cabo Girão Skywalk

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