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Santa Catarina Park

One fascinating tourist attraction in Funchal is Santa Catarina Park (1966), with an amphitheatre, a playground for children and a bar.

In Funchal western part, between Infante Avenue and Sá Carneiro Avenue, is a lush grass area surrounded by flowerbeds showcasing a variety of trees and shrubs from across the globe.

  • Coordinates: 32.64549,-16.914068


Address: Avenida do Infante 18, 9000-015 Funchal

Opening Hours:

Winter: from 8 am to 7 pm

Summer: from 7 am to 9 pm.

It is an unmissable scene of beauty: you will enjoy the breathtaking views over Funchal Bay to Ponta do Garajau.

Parque de Santa Catarina, Funchal
Parque de Santa Catarina, Funchal

Santa Catarina Park: Price

Admission is free, so what are you waiting for to add the Park to your itinerary of places to visit in Funchal?

For the Funchal itinerary, click here. There are several pedestrian trails to be explored.

You can admire the trees and shrubs, especially from tropical and subtropical regions. But it is predominantly a grassy area surrounded by flower beds.

Parque de Santa Catarina, Funchal
Parque de Santa Catarina, Funchal

You will encounter several sites where birds nest throughout your walk. In the centre, a charming lake with a small island comes into view, where ducks and swans reside.

Sculptures by renowned artists adorn the area, celebrating island history and immortalizing figures such as Prince Henry the Navigator and Christopher Columbus.

Christopher lived in the archipelago before embarking on his adventure.

Estátua de Cristovão Colombo
Estátua de Cristóvão Colombo, cidade do Funchal

Prince Henry the Navigator planned the settlement of the “pearl of the Atlantic”. He introduced sugar cane to the island, which enriched the Funchal elite: Funchal became the island capital (for an itinerary, click Things To Do Madeira).

Park Map:

The park’s infrastructure has been augmented: a bar on the terrace was built in 1997 and the children’s playground in 2005 – another area not to be missed, especially if travelling with children.

Visit Santa Catarina Chapel

Capela de Santa Catarina
Capela de Santa Catarina

In the lower area, you will find an ancient chapel. The Chapel in honour of Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

It was erected in the fifteenth century by D. Constance, the wife of João Gonçalves Zarco.

That year is remembered by the date “1425” written on the chapel.

Zarco was one of the captains of Prince Henry the Navigator and one of the “discoverers” (the islands were known, but not the exact location) of the archipelago.

500 meters from the Park are the Cristiano Ronaldo Statue, the CR7 Museum and the Pestana Cr7 Funchal Hotel.

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most famous footballers in the world, opened this museum in his hometown, Funchal.

It is a faithful reminder of his career, including trophies, shirts, and boots. You will also learn a lot about his life, sacrifices, and accomplishments.

Museu e Hotel Pestana CR7 Funchal
Museu e Hotel Pestana CR7 Funchal