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Universo das Memórias Museum

The Museum of Universal Memories resides in a late 19th-century house adjacent to various tourist sites in the Funchal historic centre, such as the Quinta das Cruzes Museum and Santa Clara Convent. To find out what to visit in Funchal, click Things To Do In Funchal.

  • Coordinates: 32.6509464; -16.913321

It is one of the most well-hidden treasures in the heart of Funchal. Do not miss the garden, tea house, auditorium and library.

Museu Universo das Memórias, Funchal
Museu Universo das Memórias, Funchal


Calçada do Pico 4, 9000-206 Funchal

Opening Hours

Segunda – Sexta: 10 da manhã – 4 da tarde


(+351) 291 225 122

Francisco Simão Francisco was responsible for constructing the palace in the 19th century.

The first recorded mention of this structure dates back to October 27th, 1888, making clear that it belonged to the Madeiran merchant who passed away here in 1900.

Museu Universo das Memórias, Funchal
Museu Universo das Memórias, Funchal

However, the rich decorative art collection, magnificently preserved, is the work of João Carlos Abreu.

A renowned journalist, author, and Madeiran tourism and culture secretary.

Ha was a man of immense culture, travelling extensively and living in various cities across Europe, such as Rome.

As he ventured to the far corners of the world, he acquired trinkets and souvenirs.

Museum Entrance Price

The entry cost to the Universo das Memória João Carlos Abreu Museum is €3.50 for adults.

Here we dream and travel through time. The collection is extensive.

One of the most valuable pieces is a hand-painted porcelain plate from the 15th century. Made in China during the Ming Dynasty in shades of blue and white.

After being manufactured, it was traded for a pearl bird’s nest (a kind of toucan) and sent to Bali (Indonesia) for a Hindu temple.

In 1984, João Carlos Abreu’s keen eye found it in New York. Today you can admire it and many other items in the house dining room.

It’s one of those unknown spots to add to your Madeira itinerary (to know more about the island, see Things To Do In Madeira

Nearby, we take the opportunity to visit the Mercado dos Lavradores, Blandy’s Wine Lodge, and Funchal Cathedral.

The CR7 Museum is not far away. Football is also culture, especially in the land of the world’s best footballer!

Close by, we take the Funchal-Monte cable car and visit the Monte Palace Madeira garden.



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