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Aquário – Cachalote Natural Pools

As we enter the village of Porto Moniz, we are greeted with the unique sight of the Aquário – Cachalote Natural Pools, formed by volcanic rocks that harmonize with the crystal-clear, salty waters of the Atlantic. Want to explore more attractions in Madeira? Check out “Things To Do In Madeira“. And for information on Funchal, look at “Funchal Madeira Things To Do“.

It’s impossible not to be drawn to such a spectacular ambience next to the Mole islet. Each element – the water, rocks, and sky – combines harmoniously to create this masterpiece.

We explored the area with our hearts pounding with excitement. Here we swam in crystal-clear waters, shallow pools that become delightfully warm in the summer, surrounded by indescribable beauty.

We access nearby attractions, such as the Science Centre, Madeira Aquarium, and the famous Natural Pools of Porto Moniz.

Next to the Cachalote natural pools lies a restaurant that provides a spectacular view while enjoying the local cuisine.


Free? Yes, free!

An irresistible invitation for those who love a dip in the sea, with the added advantage of having lifeguards on duty throughout the bathing season.

We felt completely at ease while swimming in the waters, surrounded by unique and stunning scenery.


Coordinates: 32.868005, -17.166122

Address: Rua do Forte de São João Baptista 7A, 9270-095 Porto Moniz, junto ao Aquário da Madeira.

Things To Do Nearby

Nearby the area, there are several must-see places for those visiting the Porto Moniz municipality.

The Madeira Aquarium allows us to get in touch with over 90 native species from the archipelago. The Science Center offers a permanent exhibition on the Laurissilva – UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The famous Natural Pools of Porto Moniz are also nearby. Along the road towards Seixal, the Véu da Noiva and Eira da Achada viewpoints offer incredible views.

Porto do Seixal Beach is a dream landscape, protected by majestic mountains, and the perfect place to relax.

But wait, there’s more! The São Vicente Caves are impressive, with rock formations sculpted by magma force.

Finally, the thrilling Achada da Cruz Cable Car takes us to a small pebble beach surrounded by high cliffs.

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