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Achadas Da Cruz Cable Car & Viewpoint

Upon arriving at the Achadas da Cruz Cable Car Viewpoint, we are immediately enveloped by the rugged beauty of the hillside and the stunning view of the Atlantic. To discover more about the island, read “Things To Do In Madeira“. And if you’re keen to learn about Funchal, look at “What To Do In Funchal“.

The wind blows strongly and echoes throughout the region. At the foothills lies Fajã da Quebrada Nova.

It is a small spot on the island’s northwest coast, isolated from the rest of the world by high cliffs on one side and the ocean on the other. It is like a secret little corner, hidden from civilization.

  • Coordinates: 32.852788, -17.209819


Vereda da Achada do Calhau, Caminho do Teleferico, 9270-015, Porto Moniz




The main attraction is undoubtedly the cable car that guides us to the Fajã. At the top of the cable car, there are restrooms and a small café. However, there are no support structures available at the Fajã.

The Cable Car Experience

We glimpse the vertical drop and that small pebble beach that seemed tiny. The cable car operator gave us a kind smile, trying to reassure us: “The wind is not a problem.”

Yes, our concern is gravity… We became somewhat uneasy when we realized the cable car was already several years old and could be modernized.

Okay, we decided to grow up and not keep looking down all the time.

The cable car is quiet, the view incredible, making us forget our initial hesitation. It is an experience lived with intensity and worth every penny.

Fajã da Quebrada Nova

Opening Hours

From 8:00am to 11:30am and from 12:30pm to 6:00pm or 7:00pm.


€3.00 – One way

€5.00 – Round trip.

Children travel for free.




5 minutes

Fajã da Quebrada Nova

Fajã da Quebrada Nova

The cliffs surrounding us are stunning and imposing, framed by the indomitable Atlantic. The sea breeze at Calhau das Achadas da Cruz, fresh and invigorating, invites us to take deep breaths. Recently built, a wide promenade runs throughout the fajã.

The “fajã” describes a flat area between a steep cliff and the sea, very fertile land. In São Jorge island (Azores), they are a true national treasure.

This fajã is equally impressive and deserves to be appreciated calmly. The small pebble beach invites sunbathing, but the sea is wild and full of stones.

There are no permanent residents here, a few local farmers coming down sporadically to tend to their vineyards and vegetables.

Vereda Do Calhau

The Vereda do Calhau was an old path used by local farmers. Nowadays is a charming trail that starts next to the cable car and takes us to explore magnificent landscapes.

Watch out for slips, as the terrain is irregular and steep at certain moments. Therefore, wear appropriate hiking shoes.

It is a walk that impresses mainly due to the spectacular views accompanying the route, typical of paths that run along hillsides. You can walk without seeing a soul.

Especially if it is raining, use shoes with good grip. The trail is open year-round.

Distance & Duration:

It is a 5 km walk with a duration of 2:30. The vast majority use the cable car after descending, thus reducing the distance by half.

Difficulty Level


Things To Do Nearby

After admiring the magnificence of the Achadas da Cruz Cable Car Viewpoint, we embarked on a journey to discover other captivating places on the west coast of Madeira.

Heading north, we uncover two must-see attractions: the Santa Viewpoint and the Pedra Mole Viewpoint.

However, the best-known attraction in the region is undoubtedly the famous Porto Moniz natural pools. This paradise of clear, crystal-clear waters is a perfect place to relax.

If you travel south, you will inevitably reach the Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse, which offers an incredible view of the Atlantic and the wild coastline of Madeira.

Close by, the Fio Viewpoint is another location that deserves attention on the west coast of Madeira.

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