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Levada do Norte

The “Levada do Norte” is one of the most renowned in Madeira, Portugal. A rich palette of hues blends into an unforgettable scenery.
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It begins just below the iconic Cabo Girão, Europe’s highest cape, at nearly 600 meters in height. It is perfect for inner peace and relaxation!

  • Coordenadas: 32.667485, -17.005335


We embark on a journey through the picturesque valley of Quinta Grande and the moving village of Campanário (Ribeira Brava).

It culminates in the thriving wine region of Covão (Estreito de Câmara de Lobos), a glimpse into what Madeira once was.

The Levada offers refuge to a vast array of animal and plant species, much like other walking trails on the island of Madeira.

Duration and Extent of the Levada do Norte:

It takes 4 hours (return trip) to a distance of 7Km.

Last Minute Tips:

Bring water. Snacks for sustenance. Summer sunblock is a must. Sunglasses, hat.

In spring and autumn, the weather is more unpredictable. Sunny, stormy. Pack a windbreaker to stay dry.


It is a nature immersion on the island that we will never forget.
It is an easy, sunny walk. Not challenging, except for its length…

The view is fantastic. Whichever way you look, there are green spaces and lush valleys. Waterfalls shimmer in the sunlight, and magnificent vistas are constant. And the song of the birds fills the air, bringing joyful harmony to the day.

We pass by houses adorned with beautiful flower gardens and lovingly tended cultivation areas. The well-tended gardens alongside the levada are a charming addition to any walk.

They used every square meter of this beautiful land for botanical reward.
The path narrows. It is never dangerous.

Things to do nearby:

Espetada Regional (Regional Skewer) in Estreito de Câmara de Lobos

Estreito de Câmara de Lobos is the perfect spot to sample the regional skewer.

Made with seasoned pork loin cubes seasoned with salt, garlic, and bay leaves, accompanied by fried potatoes, mixed salad, fried corn cubes, and Caco cake with garlic butter. It is an unforgettable experience. Try it at:

Restaurante Santo António

Restaurante As Vides

Restaurante O Lagar

Cabo Girão Skywalk

On the gleaming glass platform, we hover over the majestic abyss. We drew downwards our eyes towards the 600 meters of cliff depth. The scenery is truly idyllic.

Fajãs dos Padres

Embark on an exciting ride on the Fajã dos Padres cable car, three kilometres from Cabo Girão, and unwind on the small beach below. Witness the beauty of the sunset and indulge in some local delicacies at the restaurant in Fajã.

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