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The Madeira Aquarium

Upon entering the Aquário da Madeira, we are transported into the fascinating marine world, where life unfolds before our eyes in twelve exhibition tanks. There are plenty of other attractions to see on Madeira Island. For more places to visit, check out “Things To Do In Madeira“. And if you are keen to learn more about Funchal, explore “Funchal Things To Dol“.

  • Coordinates: 32.867225, -17.165321

The building is an excellent replica of the Fort of São João Baptista built in 1730 as a defence against the pestilent attacks of pirates.

Here, we can admire over 90 native species, some found on other Macaronesian islands such as the Canaries, Cape Verde, and the Azores.

It’s like an underwater city, with its colourful inhabitants, uninterested in our presence. The vibrant colours of the fish blend together, and the gentle light creates a relaxing ambience with the soothing sound of the water.

The most exhilarating experience is to dive among fish of all colours and sizes. With careful guidance from experienced instructors, this adventure is safe.


The admission fee for adults is €7, while children and seniors are charged €4. Although the experience is enjoyable, the price may be steep for those who don’t opt for the diving adventure.

Address & Contacts

Rua do Forte de São João Baptista 7A, 9270-095 Porto Moniz

Phone: 291850340

email: aquariodamadeira@portomoniz.pt


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As you go along the road towards Seixal and São Vicente, you’ll encounter two breathtaking viewpoints: the Eira da Achada and the Véu da Noiva. It’s an experience you cannot afford to miss.

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