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From Ponta do Pargo is 25 minutes, winding its way northwards to Porto Moniz: the liveliest municipality on the north coast: lots of cafés, restaurants, and 2 sets of natural swimming pools. It was initially called Ponta do Tristão, as it marked the division between two captaincies (Zarco’s and Tristão Vaz Teixeira’s).

  • Coordinates: 32.867426, -17.167062

Later it became an important whaling centre. Arriving by the ER101 road, you will have beautiful views over the coast, and along the way, there are 2 viewpoints: the first is Santa Viewpoint, with a small shrine.

Santa Belvedere
  • Coordinates: 32.862503, -17.173286

The second is the Pedra Mole Viewpoint, already near Porto Moniz.

Pedra Mole Belvedere
  • Coordinates: 32.863533, -17.175946

Below the Cachalote Restaurant, you’ll find Porto Moniz’s 1st set of Natural Pools: shallow pools that get deliciously hot in summer.

  • Coordinates: 32 ‘868036, -17 ‘166351

To the east, 500 metres away, comes the renovated fort of São João Baptista (18th century), now the Madeira Aquarium: 12 exhibition tanks housing 90 marine species.

  • Coordinates: 32.867225, -17.165321

Along the seafront promenade, to the west unveils the 2nd Set of Natural Pools – with more room to lay your towel.

  • Coordinates: 32.868110, -17.166226

Below the pools, they have the Aqua Natura Madeira, a 4-star hotel with a panoramic restaurant. The rooms are spacious with a balcony.

  • Coordinates: 32.868436, -17.170938

The old part of Porto Moniz is pleasant; it consists of white houses around a church with a clock tower. Below, there are a couple of benches and a mini-market. As you leave Porto Moniz in the direction of Seixal, you will soon come to the Eira da Achada Viewpoint –  a landscape that could well be a film set.

Eira da Achada Viewpoint
  • Coordinates: 32.848272, -17.152965



Seixal is divided into 2 parts: the upper one with some shops and cafes and, below, a cluster of traditional houses.

  • Coordinates: 32.825899, -17.111444

To get to the lower part, follow the signs on the road until you reach a small harbour with fishing boats, from where you can swim in Porto do Seixal Beach or in the small Seixal Natural Swimming Pools.

  • Coordinates: 32.822464, -17.103070

Inland is the Casa de Pasto Justiniano in the middle of the mountains (Chão da Ribeira). The meat kebab on a laurel tree stick is divine, but the priority is not speedy service.

  • Coordinates: 32.809507, -17.115062

Back on the coast of Seixal, on the way to São Vicente, you reach the Véu da Noiva Viewpoint – from Seixal, it is a 5-minute drive to the viewpoint that offers us a view of the waterfall that falls in search of the ocean.

Bride’s Veil Viewpoint
  • Coordinates: 32.816141, -17.095325