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Seixal Natural Pools

How about taking a break for a refreshing swim in the Seixal Natural Pools, or as some prefer to call them, the “Poças das Lesmas”? Looking for more beauty in Madeira? Read “Things To Do In Madeira“. Discover what Funchal in “Funchal Things To Dol“.

  • Coordinates: 32.827498, -17.110901

These impressive geological formations were spectacularly sculpted by the rough Atlantic sea. The crystal-clear and cool water surrounds us as we contemplate the stunning landscape that surrounds us.

Do not be intimidated by the steep slope that leads to the pools, as the reward is incomparable. And for added convenience, changing rooms are available.

Afterwards, recharge your energy at one of the esplanades of Jamaica Beach, named after the palm trees lined up on the promenade leading to the sea.

While not as famous as the natural pools of Porto Moniz, the Natural Pools of Seixal are well known.



Access to these pools is free, but there is no surveillance service.

Close by, we found the naval club and a terrace with a view of the inviting natural pool. We can rent diving equipment and kayaks for an even more complete experience.

Seixal provides inexplicable tranquillity. The landscapes are splendid, with views of the lush mountains and the blue ocean. The clear waters entice us with a refreshing bath. It’s an invitation that renews the soul as if every drop were a caress.

If you want to eat around here, some recommended spaces include Marisqueira Pedra do Mar, specializing in seafood dishes and Portuguese cuisine, and the Lounge Bar Clube Naval do Seixal with live music.

For those looking for accommodation in the area, Lazy Lizard by the Ocean is a holiday home with a garden, free Wi-Fi access, and a 24-hour reception. The property is 2 km away.

Head inland to Chão da Ribeira, with the traditional restaurant Casa de Pasto Justiniano, located on Estrada Regional 221 no.1.

It specializes in old-fashioned grilled meat skewers. Chão da Ribeira is an agricultural valley in the Seixal parish, surrounded by the Laurissilva forest.

Things To Do Nearby

Porto Moniz is a charming municipality on the island of Madeira, whose main attraction is the famous natural pools of clear and crystalline waters, inviting for a relaxing swim.

Moreover, the Madeira Aquarium is a must-visit for those who love the underwater world, as it reproduces the island’s diverse marine habitats.

Heading east, the São Vicente Caves showcase impressive rock formations sculpted by magmatic force, becoming an essential destination for nature and adventure lovers.

In the interior, the dense Laurissilva forest offers several incredible trails. The Risco Levada takes visitors to a majestic waterfall.

25 Fontes Levada provides splendid views of the lush vegetation and crystal-clear waterfalls along the way, culminating in a crescent-shaped lagoon.

Along the road that leads to Seixal and São Vicente, the Veu da Noiva waterfall viewpoint, with its panoramic views of the mountains and the ocean, is like a living painting that enchants the eyes and soothes the soul.