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Nossa Senhora do Livramento Church

The Livramento Church is the sole treasure of Curral das Freiras (Câmara de Lobos municipality). For a guide to Funchal, peruse “Things To Do In Funchal Madeira“. And for further insights into the island, consult “Madeira Portugal Things To Do“.

  • Coordenadas: 32.720311, -16.965982

The piece of land was owned by the knight João Gonçalves Zarco, later given to Santa Clara Order. The Santa Clara convent nuns erected the Santo Antonio Chapel (17th century).

At that time, Curral was part of the parish of St. Anthony. With the population growth of the 18th century, Curral das Freiras became a parish by the charter of Queen D. Maria I (1790).

The Chapel of St. Anthony was already in poor condition, so the Santa Clara Convent donated the land for church construction.

Although the completion date is not known, the year 1793 is a reference, as there is an inscription by Queen D. Maria I honouring Nossa Senhora do Livramento.

In the 20th century, the side altars were erected in honour of the Lady of Livramento.

Additionally, the main altar church was enlarged. José Zeferino provided the painting. An artistic tile frame was placed around the main chapel.

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Address: Caminho da Igreja, 9030-311, Curral das Freiras

Phone: 291 712 125:


With the disappearance of Dom Sebastião, Spanish hordes invaded Portuguese territory, arresting all nobles who refused to bow to the Iberian Union.

Among them was Rodrigo Homem de Azevedo, whose wife called upon the Virgin Mary, who appeared to her in dreams for 9 nights, saying: “I will deliver him.”

In effect, Rodrigo Homem was released. In gratitude, he commissioned a statue of Our Lady according to his wife’s vision.

It was entitled Our Lady of Deliverance, due to the words: “I will deliver him.”

Became the patron saint of the parish, celebrated on the last Sunday of August.

In the past, countless faithful travelled on foot to fulfil promises to Our Lady of Deliverance (Nossa Senhora do Livramento).

Religious fervour is not what it was in the past. However, moments of emotion arise from the adornment of the image and the bier that leads it in the procession.

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