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São Vicente Beach

The São Vicente Beach in Madeira is like a pebble carpet by the sea. It harmoniously blends Calhau Beach and Juncos Bay (Fajã da Areia), creating a scenery of rare natural beauty. Looking for tips on Madeira sightseeing? Check out Madeira Portugal Things To Do.

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  • Coordinates: 32.808641, -17.049385


Calhau Beach

A pebble beach with clear waters, famous among surfers despite the lack of surveillance and support infrastructure. Close to the Praia do Calhau, on the coastal road next to the tunnel, we find the Água d’Alto waterfall.

Baía dos Juncos

The 600-meter promenade leads us to the rocky coast and high waves of Baía dos Juncos. The beach is wild and challenging, making it a popular destination for experienced surfers searching for adventure.

It is the chosen location for surf competitions, such as the Madeira Open Surf Regional Circuit. The Madeira Surf Center store at the Naval Club rents equipment.

São Vicente is a popular tourist destination on the island of Madeira, with a wide variety of outdoor activities, tourist attractions, and places of interest. Some of the best activities in São Vicente include the São Vicente Caves and the Fajã do Rodrigues Levada.

Things To Do nearby:

The eight tunnels of the São Vicente Caves tell us about the island’s volcanic history. We are transported to a strange place of stalactites where shadows and light mix and our imagination runs wild.

The Ponta Delgada Complex has two saltwater swimming pools, a sunbathing area, gardens, changing rooms, a terrace, and parking. It is celebrated on sunny days.

In the region between São Vicente and Ribeira Brava, the Paul da Serra plateau emerges. For hiking enthusiasts, there are several levadas and trails to explore, such as the Levada das 25 Fontes and the Levada do Alecrim.

If heading west, stop at the impressive natural pools of Porto Moniz, formed by volcanic rocks. It is impossible not to stop and admire the wonderful Véu da Noiva waterfall on the way.

Further on, the Achadas da Cruz Cable Car provides a dizzying descent of 450 meters to a wild pebble beach, offering a stunning view of the sea and the towering slopes.

To the east, we discovered the charming parish of São Jorge (Santana), whose views from the Cabo Aéreo viewpoint and the São Jorge Lighthouse are breathtaking.

The Madeira Theme Park in Santana is a must-visit, offering a fun dive into the history and traditions of the island.

Finally, Pico Ruivo, the highest point of Madeira, provides a panoramic view of the entire island and the sea, making for a spectacle for the eyes.