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Pico Ruivo do Paul

At the heart of Madeira Island, Pico Ruivo do Paul is a place of panoramic views, where the vista extends for kilometres in every direction. For a Island Guide, read “Things To Do Madeira“. For a guide to Funchal: “Things To Do In Funchal“.

Look down and see the valleys and streams extending towards the sea.

The unfolding landscape is magnificent. Wide views of Paul da Serra and São Vicente.

To the east, the imposing central mountain range of Madeira rises above the valley, with the peaks of Ruivo, Casado, das Torres, Arierio, and Grande.

With clear skies, we have an unobstructed view across the entire plateau.

However, as always happens in the mountains, weather changes are inevitable, and in less than an hour, clouds can descend from the mountaintop. The spectacle of nature, constantly changing, always surprises us.

A recommendation when visiting Pico Ruivo do Paul is to bring a warm, waterproof jacket, as the weather can change rapidly, even in summer. Don’t forget to bring water and snacks.

We must be prepared for the island’s rebellious nature, as clouds can bless us with their presence at any moment. Therefore, bring warm clothing to avoid being caught off guard by the fog.

The wind blows strongly, sweeping over the open, treeless landscape. It’s a place of great energy, where wind turbines rise like sentinels, capturing the power of nature.

Bica da Cana Viewpoint

Bica da Cana Viewpoint

Here, we have two imposing peaks: Pico Ruivo do Paul, with an altitude of 1640 meters, the highest point on the plateau, and Pico Bica da Cana, only slightly lower at 1620 meters.

The majestic Pico Bica da Cana is the only reminder of a once-roaring volcanic cone. It is a popular picnic destination, especially on weekends.

How to Get to Pico Ruivo do Paul?

From Funchal to Paul da Serra, take Regional Road 101 to Ribeira Brava. After the last tunnel, do not turn towards Ribeira Brava but towards Serra de Água (ER104).

Drive up to Boca da Encumeada on ER105. If you continue on ER105 until you reach the plateau, you will find the first parking lot near Pico Bica da Cana on the right.

After two curves on the road, you will reach the Estanquinhos recreation area under the summit of Pico Ruivo do Paul.

  • Coordinates:32.764856, -17.081868



We are just a few kilometres from the Rabaçal Valley on the straight E110 road. With a dense forest full of endemic species, the valley is the starting point for several incredible hiking trails. The forest trees are covered in lichens and mosses, creating a magical and mysterious atmosphere.

The trails of Levada do Risco, Levada das 25 Fontes, and Levada do Alecrim are among the main hiking attractions on Madeira Island.

Levada do Risco takes visitors to a majestic waterfall, while Levada das 25 Fontes offers stunning views of the dense vegetation and crystal-clear waterfalls, culminating in a crescent-shaped lagoon.

Levada do Alecrim, in turn, is surrounded by the lush Laurissilva forest and presents breathtaking panoramic views of the valleys and streams, along with several unique plant species.

All trails have an easy difficulty level.

Things do to nearby:

 To the north, the São Vicente Caves invite you to explore the depths of the earth, formed more than 400,000 years ago by a volcanic eruption.

To the south, we find Ribeira Brava Beach, a summer refuge with mild temperatures and a gentle breeze.

For those seeking an exciting experience, a must-visit is the Fajã dos Padres cable car. The descent is thrilling and safe, and a small welcoming beach awaits.

In the west direction, we can delight in the impressive view of the Cascata dos Anjos Waterfall near the refreshing waters of Calheta Beach.