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PR 20 – Vereda do Jardim do Mar

The Vereda do Jardim do Mar is a magical path that winds through lush nature and Madeira’s history. For more information read Things To Do In Madeira. If you want a complete guide to Funchal, read Funchal Madeira Things To Do.

Stretching 1.9 km and with an estimated time of 1h30, it is a journey of exploration of the hidden wonders of the parishes of Prazeres and Jardim do Mar.

The route has an elevation gain of about 500 meters and offers generous ocean views. In ancient times, it served as one of the few access roads to the coast for the local community.

Over time, the harmony between the mild climate and the region’s water resources allowed for agricultural cultivation on terraces supported by towering stone walls that adorn the slope.

Where Does the Path Begin?

Caminho do Miradouro.

  • Coordinates:  32.748365, -17.210144


How to Get to from Funchal?

To reach the PR20 Vereda do Jardim do Mar, one must travel on the Via Rápida 1 towards Ribeira Brava and continue on the V. E. 3 towards Calheta. At the Arco da Calheta roundabout, take the second exit towards Caminho Lombo da Rocha, turn left and continue until Caminho do Miradouro. The trailhead will be on the right.


The PR20 Vereda do Jardim do Mar has a length of 1.9 km and takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete.

Difficulty Level


The Experience

As warm sunshine pours from the blue sky, we continue walking along the Vereda do Jardim do Mar, relishing the breathtaking landscape that unfolds before us.

We are enveloped by stone walls that rise up around us, and the ground beneath our feet alternates between rocks and dirt. The stunning ocean views and rugged terrain make this one of the most beautiful trails on the west coast.

We are tempted to take a pleasant break, enjoying a small snack in good company before continuing.

Our senses are overwhelmed by the scents and sounds of the local ecosystem. Banana trees, typical of the subtropical region, bow under the weight of ripe fruit. Other crops spread across the slopes accompanying the trail.

The descent can be challenging, demanding extra effort from our muscles as we negotiate the irregular stone steps. Our muscles cry out: “we’ve been at this for so long!”

But as Jardim do Mar unfolds on the horizon, it motivates us to continue, soothing all pains and tiredness. The good things in life are always an elixir to overcome challenges and difficulties.

At the end of our journey, we reach the Moinho de Água, a witness to the past and a former source of prosperity. It welcomes us to the captivating Jardim do Mar, with the omnipresent ocean as its backdrop.

Last Minute Tips

  • We recommend avoiding this trail on a hot summer afternoon, as there is little shade.
  • Wear shoes with good grip due to the steep terrain.
  • On rainy days, the trail may be impractical.
  • Do not forget to bring water and sunscreen.

Things to do nearby:

Jardim do Mar is a charming village, full of stone houses and narrow streets, and is a popular destination among surfers, drawn to its waves. Paúl do Mar is a traditional village, where one can stroll peacefully along the long seaside promenade.

The Calheta area is famous for its levadas, and trails that follow the irrigation channels and lead to waterfalls, forests, and viewpoints. Among the most popular is the Levada do Risco and the Levada das 25 Fontes.

Calheta Beach is one of the two artificial beaches with white sand on the island and features a marina and a diving centre.

Finally, Ponta do Pargo is the westernmost parish on the island, known for the historic Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse and its majestic views.