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Raposeira Viewpoint

Should there be a locale upon the Isle of Madeira that renders one feeling diminutive amidst the ocean’s vast expanse, it is indeed the Miradouro da Raposeira! A truly spectacular sight to behold! Delve into attractions upon the island by consulting ‘Madeira Things To Do‘ and unearth additional gems concerning Funchal within ‘Things To Do In Funchal‘.

This vantage point, perched approximately 600 metres above sea level within the parish of Fajã da Ovelha in Calheta, bestows its visitors a breathtaking perspective of the island’s western shoreline and the boundless expanse of the formidable Atlantic Ocean.


  • Coordinates: 32.759206, -17.223114

This locale entices one to inhale and admire the delectable panorama unfurling before our very eyes.

Upon arrival, we are struck by the vastness of the vista that unfolds before us!

We feel perched upon a suspended balcony above the sea, privy to an unparalleled perspective of the slopes that abruptly culminate in the cerulean waters below.

We can discern the settlements of Paul do Mar, Jardim do Mar, and Prazeres, as well as the cultivated fields and traditional dwellings that pepper the picturesque landscape.

One may securely park their vehicle in the nearby park adjacent to the viewpoint.

We can traverse by foot following the Levada Nova or the Vereda da Garganta Funda.

These two pedestrian routes meander near the viewpoint and offer opportunities to uncover scenic vistas and points of interest in the surrounding area.

What say you? Are you prepared to immerse yourself in the splendour of this awe-inspiring location?

Things to do nearby

Raposeira viewpoint is but the beginning! Should you desire to explore the western reaches of the island as true adventurers, heed these suggestions:

Levada do Moinho: Traverse approximately 50 kilometres along the crystalline waters of this levada, unveiling the Fajã dos Padres and Ribeira dos Socorridos. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature and allow the air to rejuvenate your very being.

Calheta city: a sun-soaked shores and cultural pursuits abound! Golden sands imported from Africa and the Centro das Artes Mudas, a modern architectural marvel exuding an atmosphere of creativity and visual artistry.

Jardim do Mar: Where picturesque beauty and exhilarating surf coalesce. Wander through narrow lanes and traditional homes ensconced by wildflowers. Quality swells are assured, a veritable haven for the steadfast surfer!

Venturing westward, the Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse, the island’s westernmost point, beckons. Here, one can visit the 1922-built lighthouse and revel in the magnificent vistas of the sea and its towering cliffs. With fortune, you may even spy dolphins or whales breaching the horizon.

Nearby, the Garganta Funda Waterfall plummets over 140 metres down a verdant slope, culminating in a crystalline pool. To reach this marvel, merely walk along a trail for 10 minutes.

To the northwest, the Achadas da Cruz Cablecar offers a singular and unforgettable experience, engendering a sense of unity with the nature and culture of this resplendent isle.

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